Welcome to CrossFit Hillcrest

CrossFit Hillcrest is the most inclusive gym in San Diego. We deliver incredible results whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle.
June 13, 2023
Welcome to CrossFit Hillcrest

Welcome to CrossFit Hillcrest. This is the most fun you can have while working out in San Diego. It’s where radical transformation and full acceptance are the names of the game. Nestled among this vibrant neighborhood, there lies a CrossFit gym that embraces the power of diversity, pumps up pride, and adds a dash of laughter to every squat. Join us, and discover how this inclusive fitness haven is strengthening our community both inside and outside of the gym. This safe space has been serving this community for a decade, and we are just getting started. If you like veteran-founded, black-owned and LGTBQ AF then this is your new training home. 

We foster a sense of belonging where everyone can lift, sweat, and strut their stuff without judgment. Do you like your gym owner to be handsome, hilarious, kinda fit, kinda fluffy, fully black, and committed to helping people be their absolute best? Then this is your place. Jordan Holland leads the CrossFit Hillcrest team as a Level 4 CrossFit Trainer, with almost 20 years of coaching experience. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that sarcasm is our favorite pre- and post-workout supplement. We can dish it and we can take it so bring your full self to the gym but leave your ego at the door. 

Above all, our CrossFit gym is dedicated to helping people change their lives in the most effective and supportive way possible. Our workouts are not just about building strength and endurance but also about cultivating self-love and confidence. We celebrate every achievement, no matter how big or small. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, our diverse and accepting community will be beside you, cheering you on.

Welcome to the CrossFit gym in Hillcrest, San Diego, where fitness meets laughter, and diversity is the cornerstone of our community. With a charismatic black owner at the helm, we have created an inclusive space that embraces the LGBTQ community and celebrates the power of individuality. As we enter our second decade of transforming lives, we invite you to join us on our uplifting, and life-changing fitness journey. 

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