Cold water is your friend

May 26, 2024
Cold water is your friend

There are some things we consider integral to our pursuit of fitness and wellness. Pillars of our practice so to speak. Those things we believe add up ot make the most profound difference as we transform our lives through movement in community and intentional recovery. Broad concepts distilled to a single word that carries significant connotative and denotative weight. This week we are talking about HARD. Doing hard things produces myriad benefits that serve us in every facet of our lives. The grit that hard produces carries us through life’s toughest moments, shaping our character and building our resilience. Imagine a marathon runner hitting the infamous “wall.” Every step is agony, every breath a battle. But with sheer determination, they push through, crossing the finish line stronger and more resilient. That’s grit. It’s not about never facing obstacles; it’s about persevering through them. You may never run a marathon but you will find your edge in some area of your life.

Enter one of the ultimate tests of grit: the cold plunge. Submerging yourself in way too cold water may sound daunting, but the science behind its benefits is compelling. First, it boosts your immune system by increasing white blood cell count, making you more resilient to illness,  improves mental toughness, and facing the shock of cold water and staying calm trains your brain to handle stress better.

Doing hard things like cold plunges, or our training sessions, not only builds physical resilience but also fortifies your mental strength. When you regularly challenge yourself with difficult tasks, you expand your capacity to handle life’s adversities. The cold plunge becomes a metaphor for life: if you can face that, what else can you conquer? 

Imagine the feeling of emerging from that icy water, invigorated and empowered. You’ve done something incredibly hard, and you’re stronger for it. That’s the essence of grit—pushing through the tough times to emerge victorious.

Embrace the hard things, both in and out of the gym. Build your grit, and watch how it transforms every aspect of your life. Let’s take on these challenges together and inspire each other to be stronger, every single day.

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