Not worse is really great sometimes

December 17, 2023
Not worse is really great sometimes

At times life is a bit like trying to juggle flaming torches while riding a unicycle on a tightrope over a pit of metaphorical alligators. Now, add in the pressure of constant improvement, and suddenly it's a circus act that no one wants to watch let alone be center stage.

We live in a world that's all about progress, gains, and becoming the best versions of ourselves. It's like we're in this relentless race against time, trying to outdo yesterday's version of us. But here's the thing – what if, just for a moment, we entertain the idea that sometimes staying the same is not just okay but actually pretty darn fantastic?

I'm not suggesting we throw our ambitions out the window and declare a permanent residence in our comfort zones. But let's take a collective exhale and appreciate the sheer beauty of not getting worse. In a world that bombards us with messages about constant improvement, maintaining the status quo is practically an act of rebellion.

Imagine you're on a treadmill of life. It's whirring away, and you're jogging on the spot, trying to keep up. Everyone around you is sprinting, doing high knees, maybe even throwing in a somersault for good measure. And you? You're just there, jogging. Guess what? That's perfectly fine. You're not flat on your face. You're not going backward. You're doing the equivalent of the moonwalk on that treadmill, and that, my friends, is a win.

In the pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves, we often forget that the current version is pretty awesome. You've navigated through the chaos of life, survived Mondays, and even managed to parallel park on a crowded street. Unless it is a one way street and you have to park on the left side. No one can do that well. So, let's raise a metaphorical toast to the unsung hero – the You that's been holding it together, maybe not breaking any land-speed records, but definitely not falling apart either.

In the gym, it's like trying to master the art of a burpee. Sure, the person next to you might be doing double backflips with a twist while you're still figuring out how not to trip over your own feet. But guess what? You're there, on the mat, doing your version of a burpee. You didn't decide to sit this one out. You showed up, and that's a victory in itself.

Life is this grand symphony, and sometimes, just not hitting the wrong notes is a performance worth applauding. It's like juggling. You toss those metaphorical balls into the air – work, relationships, personal goals – and you catch them, most of the time. The occasional fumble? Well, that's just flair. The audience doesn't always remember the flawless catches; they remember the unexpected, slightly clumsy twirl.

So, my fellow life acrobats, let's embrace the idea that sometimes not falling off the unicycle is a grand achievement. Progress is fantastic, but so is stability. In a world obsessed with constant upward trajectories, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of staying afloat, keeping those torches in the air, and not getting worse. It might just be the greatest show on Earth – starring you, doing your thing, and nailing this juggling act called life. Cheers to staying fabulously afloat!

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