Maggie Mullen

Maggie Mullen

Chief Sportsbian Softy

In a past life... 495

deadlift 235

power clean 3:21 1k row


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Adaptive Trainer Course Certified (Movement Rx)

About Coach

I played D3 college softball, competed in CrossFit for 5 years, and even had a brief stint with USA Team Handball. As an athlete, I expected all of my teammates to put in the same effort and energy as me. As I've gotten older, experienced athletic setbacks, and coached a wide array of individuals, my coaching style has evolved to help people reimagine their own limits while respecting their unique psychological and physical tolerances. Every athlete is different and comes with a different story and body -- I just want you to have fun and feel good.

Turning Point

After CrossFit Regionals in 2018, I moved across the country to pursue an Olympic dream with USA Team Handball. Four months into training, I tore my shoulder, requiring 2 surgeries. This ended not only my team handball but also CrossFit aspirations. It was devastating as someone who finds so much joy and identity in athletics. This forced me to find joy in training for longevity and pour energy into the people who make fitness so fun.

Motivation & Passion

If you are eager and coachable, you're my person. It doesn't matter if you've played sports -- I just need you to be willing to show up and work hard. I'm here to help people experience the same empowerment, confidence, and joy that I get through CrossFit.

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