Jordan Holland

Jordan Holland

Owner, Coach

Incredible deadlift, mediocre bench, and suprisingly good at pull-ups considering how big this boy is, terrible dancer and excellent swimmer #breakingstereotypes


CrossFit Level 4 Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1

OPEX CCP and basically every CrossFit specialty cert there is.

And CPR, which I have actually used on a real person. Saved their life, no big deal. Almost threw up doing mouth to mouth. Glad that isn't a thing anymore. Hooray for chest compressions only.

About Coach

Jordan first started CrossFit back in 2007 and is coming up on 16 years as an affiliate owner and is a level 4 Certified CrossFit Coach. He also competed in CrossFit as an individual at the Games in 2008 and 2009, as well as a few trips to regionals as an individual and on a team. Jordan initially found CrossFit through a member at the globo gym where he worked as a personal trainer. It was true love. Deep meaningful love. The kind of love you have for children, and dogs, and really good bbq. It was less than a year before Jordan opened his first affiliate in downtown Seattle. He soon after maxed out all his credit cards because you know...stuff. He loves to buy stuff. He opened a second affiliate in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. A year after moving Jordan took over CrossFit Hillcrest. Even after 16 years, Jordan is still in love with CrossFit, both as a coach and as an athlete.

Turning Point

Everything changed when I had children. The reason I train. The reason I work. The reason I have less money and time than I want. My children pushed me to be something I hadn't previously conceived and I am grateful every day that I get to be the father to two brilliant, and kind girls. I am a better trainer, business owner, athlete, and community member because of Charlie and Sam.

Motivation & Passion

The state of wellness in this country is heartbreaking. I am excited to work toward delivering a solution to this most vexing problem. With constantly varied, functional movement, executed at high intensity, and some empathy we can change the world. Work hard, be kind.

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