Jake Gibbs

Jake Gibbs


Mile: 4:42

Clean + Jerk: 275

Snatch: 205

Half Ironman: 4:57

Ironman: TBD


CrossFit Level 2 Certified

B.S. Human Physiology



Nutrition Certification

About Coach

I have a love for all things fitness. From the human physiology perspective (that’s what my degree is in) to the mindset of being an athlete. I competed in triathlons all through high school and part of college (All-American) at the Olympics distance. Then I found CrossFit. I love how it made me feel and look so that became my sole focus for 3 years as I trained and coached CrossFit. Now, I’ve diversified again as I have my same love for functional fitness as well as endurance sports. I’ve completed 2 marathons, and 2 half Ironman’s, and have my first full in August 2023. I’ve podium at multiple local CrossFit comps and more recently found the sport of Hyrox. I don’t just love competing, I also just love the fitness community, no matter the sport.

Turning Point

I was so shy and insecure all the way into my early twenties (which is NOT long ago at all). I never felt comfortable in my own skin, especially around others in social situations. The anxiety I would get from talking with a stranger, or inability to express myself was crippling. But, I was able to build my confidence through sports. That’s where I could let go and be myself. I was naturally good and others would praise me for my abilities which helped boost my self-esteem. I was able to turn strangers into friends and the gym became my safe place. I hope I can now return the favor and help others find their confidence through fitness.

Motivation & Passion

First and foremost I love coaching because it’s fun. I get to know people on a personal level and I get to see them improve themselves on a daily basis. It’s incredibly rewarding and I’m lucky to call this my job. Whether your goal is to just move better or become the best possible version of yourself I want to be a part of that journey.

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