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Top Five Reasons to Participate in the CrossFit Open

As most of you know, the CrossFit Open starts in about two weeks. I’ve already written a brief post on what the Open is, but now I want to post on why I think you should participate in the Open – even if you’re not planning on going to the CrossFit Games (which I’m not planning on going to either, except maybe as a spectator).

  1. It will show you just how good an athlete you really are. You might think you suck at All Things CrossFit, or that you aren’t “ready” for the Open WODs, because you’re not strong enough or fast enough or skilled enough or whatever. Truth is, since you only do CrossFit at CFHC (well, most of you), you can only compare yourself to others at CFHC. And let me tell you, we have some really great athletes at CFHC! The Open allows you to actually see how you’re doing when compared to tens of thousand of athletes from all over the world. I pretty much guarantee that you will stack up against the pool more favorably than you currently think you will.
  2. It lets you benchmark your progress across a series of workouts, rather than one specific WOD. So most of us know how well we can perform doing “Jackie” or “Cindy” or “Grace”. Which is totally cool. But everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so you might be WAY better at “Kelly” than you are at “Isabel”. The Open forces you to get measured across most of the major movements that exist in CrossFit, and grades you on your performance against other athletes every week. So it kind of forces you to expose your weaknesses (and highlight your strengths), so you can focus your efforts on where you need the most work. Then you can compare how you did this year to how you do next year – that’s a pretty substantial benchmark!
  3. Maybe you like competition. That’s a good reason in and of itself.
  4. CrossFit works. It helps people live longer and healthier and richer and more fulfilling lives. It makes people happier (post-WOD, usually). It is transforming fitness, and it really isn’t doing it for money or prestige or power or any of the usual corporate reasons for doing business. Your $20 registration fee goes to support CrossFit HQ and their efforts to protect CrossFit methodology and gyms from being vulnerable to targeting by the Globo Gyms and the other established entities out there who feel threatened by what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Sure, some of that money probably goes towards Greg Glassman’s Porsche, but hey, I don’t begrudge the founder of CrossFit a speedy car. Bottom line: CrossFit is a business, but it is an ethical business, devoted to making people’s lives better. That’s worth supporting.
  5. It’s fun. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, 300 burpees isn’t fun for ANYONE, but the spirit and team building and support that you’ll experience performing these demanding WODs in front of a bunch of your friends and fellow CFHC athletes is fun. Watching Bo clean and jerk 500 pounds is probably gonna be fun too.

Ok, that’s five reasons. I’m sure there are more out there, but that’s all I can think about off the top of my head. Even if you don’t register, you’ll still be doing the WODs on Friday! And even if you don’t do the WODs on Friday, you can come out and cheer on the folks who are. Let’s do this…together!

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