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Member Spotlight – Bill G

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Bill joined CrossFit Hillcrest three years ago in February, 2014. He kicked ass until August of the following year, at which point he took some time off to get his shoulder worked on. Now he’s back and getting stronger than ever! We asked him to tell us a few things about his life and why he loves the gym. Take it away, Bill!

1. Give us a little background on yourself, as much or as little as you’d like to share (age, where you’re from, what you do for a “living”, etc.).

I am now a student working on my MBA at National University. I was born in Colorado, raised in Alaska, did a foreign exchange as a student to New Zealand, then joined the Navy. Six years there living in Chicago, then off to Southern Spain for 3 and finishing off in Turkey for the last stint. After the Navy I went back to CO and tried my hand at a bunch of things: car sales, printer repair, even waiting tables [this I cannot envision]. Then I went back to Spain with a bad marriage; a year later I escaped that marriage by rejoining the military. Would have walked back into the Navy but the recruiter pissed me off so I joined the Coast Guard [this I can totally envision]. Six months in Petaluma, which is the armpit of heat and humidity in-between Mobile and New Orleans. Off to NorCal for 6 months and then finally I found my home here in San Diego, where I have met my wonderful wife who completes me and balances me out. Moved into the Atlas building around the corner 4 years ago and love the neighborhood. Also managed to escape the military last year because I was unwilling to leave my home here in San Diego.

2. What hobbies or interests (other than CrossFit) do you have?

Hobbies include Food, Whiskey, & Friends. If those aren’t allowed or involved in the activity, I’m probably not there. You can sub beer, wine or tequila for the whiskey occasionally.

3. What got you interested in CrossFit? Why do you do it (i.e., what are your health goals)?

I first started my CrossFit quest preparing for dive school; at 34 years old, which is when I went through, was a touch of a challenge [just a touch, huh?]. Current health goal is to lose 40 lbs and I am moving in the right direction: since Thanksgiving I am down 22 lbs just over 1/2 way to where I need to be [PSA: next LFPB Challenge starts Saturday, 6/3/17].

4. What’s your favorite CrossFit exercise? What’s your least favorite?

My favorite exercise is throwing around heavy weights, deadlift, squat, clean… as long as it is not Snatch or Overhead Squats and it weights a lot I like it [you also like running with Roxy!].

5. What do you like the most about being a member at CrossFit Hillcrest?

The community; it is a good group of friends

6. Any other comments you’d like to share with our members?

Follow the trend: if you finish early, cheer everyone else on, then help put weights away. Oh, and give Sarah as much grief as possible (she likes it).

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Bill! Everyone else, you heard the man: give Sarah a hard time.

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